Daniel Boucher — Barrie Ward 4

My Name is Daniel Boucher, and I’m seeking your confidence in Ward 4. My life in Barrie began almost three years ago, when I met the most patient, caring and beautiful woman, whom I married just this summer in our backyard, absorbing our four children into a large, chaotic (at times) and immensely energetic family. My kids (ranging from four to eight) have tremendous impact on our views of family oriented community programming and activities. School volunteer opportunities, coaching sports and shift work consistently keep us busy.

My life as a public servant began in 2004 when I joined the Canadian Forces Reserves as a medic. I successfully challenged the Ministry of Health, AEMCA testing, certifying as a primary care paramedic following college. In 2009, I proudly donned Canada Border Services Agency blue fatigues and started a very rewarding career in law enforcement, also serving as chief union steward. I continue to serve you federally, with honour, having received numerous accolades. My work experience is extremely varied, working industrial construction, fraud restoration and even as a baker for numerous years in my youth, among other things.

My vision in regards to council is solely dependent on you. I believe in true democracy, where the quorum of the populace drives the voice of their elected representatives. My intentions are to represent the ward with ethically influenced canvassing, perpetual communication with constituents seeking feedback and ideas, and business-driving initiatives for the city that will see an increase in jobs, efficient service delivery and economic prosperity. I don’t see value in our city maintaining a deplorable unemployment rate, deficient trade skills programs for our youth and a downtown core that lacks investment into mental health, addiction and community based policing. Conversely, I’d like to see massive provincial contributions to our highway infrastructure and bypasses, keeping up-to-date with population growth, industry projections and seasonal traffic demands.

I’m Daniel Boucher, your new neighbour, a new voice for change!

Campaign office/home: 61 Barwick Dr., Barrie, Ont.







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