Doug Measures — Clearview mayor

Community service is in my nature. Having proudly served the citizens of Clearview Township as your Ward 1 councillor for 12 years, it has been an enriching time to see our community grow and flourish with many new businesses setting up shop and being successful. Helping small businesses, large employers and the agricultural community be successful in a globally competitive market has been a continued focus of my council work. I place great importance on finding balances within our community recreation facilities and its programming that help keep local residents active and involved.

Our township can continue to be successful if we rebuild a positive partnership with our community volunteers. The confidence in our leadership at council has been damaged this past term. It is evident in the lack of public participation in surveys or appearances at council meetings where there are opportunities to ask questions and get direct answers. I am offering a change in mindset and working environment which includes the way your council conducts your community business. It is my hope citizens will approach their mayor or councillors with ease and without hesitation to ask questions and share opinions knowing with certainty they will be heard and understood. Council makes decisions best when they are well-informed. As your mayor, I will insist that council remains engaged and informed before any direction is given to our staff.  We are well-staffed with dedicated professionals that go the extra mile for us every day. This renewed commitment to communication and improved partnerships must include you, our citizens, community volunteers, council and township staff.  

I have lived here in Clearview Township since 1977. I was in the room when Clearview was created at the first Clearview council meeting. My wife and I have two sons. I am recently retired from a 34-year career in community television production, having worked my entire time here in the South Georgian Bay Area. I have the experience, the honesty and the integrity to be your mayor and I have the passion and time needed to dedicate myself fully to serving Clearview every day. You can visit for more information or feel free to contact me directly ator . I can also be found on Facebook at


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