Shaughna Ainsworth — Barrie Ward 1

I have lived in Ward 1 for over 20 years and have always had a keen interest in municipal politics.

I have for many years been a secondary school teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board with a bachelor of education and an honours degree in political science. Being my mother’s daughter has given me invaluable insight into local municipal politics.

While patiently waiting in the wings for this opportunity, I have acted as a sounding board for my mother during common place discussions and deliberations on local issues. At the cost of blushing, I am pretty sure even as a new member of council I can hit the ground running, ardently advocate for the ward while making a strong contribution at the council table.

Among other things, I will enthusiastically stand up for Old Barrie and the needs of Ward 1, including:

The reconstruction of failed roads. Because of many years of neglect, roads in the ward have gone beyond the point of resurfacing and now require total replacement. Infrastructure renewal will be a top priority.

Protecting and maintaining the North Shore Trail, publicly owned green spaces and waterfront properties, including Johnson’s Beach, is equally important.

Spending is always about priorities and, of course, essential services must come first. I will only make informed decisions while considering taxpayer benefit and municipal value. I believe in a balanced community while cautiously holding the line on spending and tax increases.

Speeding is a huge concern on our neighbourhood streets. I would like to investigate reducing speed limits on local roads.

Please vote Shaughna Ainsworth. I am a motivated, community-minded person always willing to help others. I am capable of setting targets and reaching goals and will always keep your best interest in mind. I have a full understanding of the commitment required to be a ward councillor and I won’t let you down. Thank you.

If you have questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at , email or visit my website