Fresh options abound at Wasaga’s new Potato Factory

Michael Mikhail is putting the finishing touches on the bar overlooking Potato Factory’s .

“It’s 120-year-old wood. They were about to throw it out and I said, ‘wait, you can’t do that!’” said the restaurant’s vice-president of operations.

The pieces will accent the bar at the 200-seat restaurant, which opened on June 29.

The menu features burgers, sandwiches, fish and chips, and their signature ‘appetizer wheel’ of a minimum of four items.

The restaurant can also cater to customers based on allergies and religious considerations.

Mikhail emphasized all the food is fresh.

“From prepped to dish, it’s been marinated here, blanched here, cut here, and you can taste the difference,” he said. “We know exactly what goes into our food.”