City gearing up for final enclosure of Orillia recreation facility

Once entirely open to the elements, Orillia’s emerging recreation facility is gaining a skin as the project moves toward another stage in its development.

“Over the coming months, we are gearing up for the final enclosure of the building,” said Kent Guptill, director of facilities and special projects.

Once fully enclosed, significant interior work begins, including the filling of pool basins, tiling and lighting, he added.

“It’s a busy and exciting time for those working on the project,” Guptill added.

Most of the structural steel that defines the building is complete, while installation of masonry walls and exterior sheeting on the east, south and west walls continues.

Installation of roofing over the pool area is underway as well.

As the building takes shape, anticipation is growing among residents who have “waited a long time for this project to materialize,” Mayor Steve Clarke said.

“But what I find even more exciting is what the redevelopment of the 36-acre Foundry Park site will mean for Orillia,” Clarke added. “We are taking a brownfield that was once inaccessible to the community and transforming it into the social heart of the city.”

The facility is slated to open in the first quarter of 2019.