Stayner cranker to demonstrate sock cranker at art festival

Anne Hanna can crank out a pair of socks in an hour and a half, literally.

Hanna is one of a small group of “crankers” in Stayner, who use hand-powered sock knitting machine called a sock cranker to produce socks.

Hanna is one of the artists who will be bringing her art to the Stayner Art Festival on July 15.

Hanna saw a demonstration at a craft show and it piqued her interest.

When she received her own machine as a Christmas gift she said she knew she had to learn.

“I took lessons, and I’ve had a little trouble. It’s quite a thing to get,” Hanna said. “But I’ve done really well with it.”

To knit each sock, Hanna, cranks the machine a specific number of times, then a series of half-cranks to form the heel, and then another set of full-cranks. To complete each sock, Hanna sews one end shut.

“I like working with wool,” Hanna said, “but some is polyester which is very fine.”

Hanna’s socks, as well as a demonstration of the sock cranking machine will be at the Stayner Art Festival on July 15 at 7244 Highway 26.