Proposed building fee harmonization would increase Midland rates

Building fees in Midland would increase significantly if the town aligns their rates with Penetanguishene.

The two municipalities have proposed an agreement, which would harmonize building permit fees and charges in both towns until 2021.

“We had the same staff enforcing the same code, to the same service level and to a great extent that should occur at the same fee level between the two municipalities,” said Wes Crown, director of planning and building services.

Midland’s rates have not increased since 2005, while Penetanguishene fees recently increased.

In Midland, the average building fees for a 1,500-square foot deck would increase from $1,808 to $2,371, while the average fees for 6,348-square-foot office building would increase from $3,652 to $6,425.

Crown says the proposed fees would still be lower than the majority of fees charged across Simcoe County.