Fran Sainsbury — New Tecumseth Ward 4

Why should I be elected?

Serving on council as your representative requires many attributes. Experience is the “best teacher.”

I have served in five jurisdictions, 12 as mayor, 11 as councillor. I believe I am the only person to date, who served on York Region and Simcoe County council. I do my homework, work well with staff, understand my role and the rules that govern council. This allows me to make informed decisions, save time, cut costs and work with the council setting priorities, funding them, while keeping tax increases at a reasonable rate.

Formerly being a chief executive officer helps me envision the “big picture,” be fair and support projects we can afford throughout the whole town. We must provide realistic levels of service. This role is about “you,” not about self-interest or caving to groups who bring pressure to bear.  

I have time to dedicate to achieving your goals.  My concerns are the same as all in Ward 4, control spending due to fixed incomes. 

Encouraging economic development helps our residential tax base. Managing a large corporation requires education, experience, patience and dedication. Provincial and county regulations are far different than running private businesses. We have many “checks and balances.” Simcoe County is just beginning its journey managing growth. The saving of the “Oak Ridges Moraine” in York Region brought many developers into our area.    

Downloading of services from higher levels of government increases our debt and tax burden. I want to concentrate on our “needs,” not our “wants.” As a small town, we have a mandated debt ceiling which we are fairly close to now. New Tecumseth has much to offer residents, but proposed changes must be good for the town or council should not approve applications.

This takes courage. I have proven these past eight years as your representative, that I indeed have courage. The future of your local council is in your hands. Let’s face the future together. Vote.

Fran Sainsbury Campaign 2018

17 Green Briar Rd., Alliston, Ont., L9R 1R6



Midland’s Waypoint Chigamik Health Hub receives $615,000 from county

The County of Simcoe has provided $615,000 toward the new Chigamik Waypoint Community Health Hub being built on Lakeshore Drive in Midland.

“We don’t see that as a grant. We see it as an investment in our communities and an investment in our health care,” said Marshall. “I really do believe that if we don’t have proper health care, including mental health care, our communities suffer.”

The will house Waypoint outpatient services and all of what Chigamik currently offers at its 845 King St. location. It will also , which will offer walk-in access to a variety of mental health services for those aged 12 to 25.

“We are going to see and our patients and clients are going to see so many benefits from us being co-located in this building. There will be a multitude of services under one roof,” said Carol Lambie, Waypoint CEO.

The funding is part of a $45-million, 15-year commitment the county has made to funding area hospitals.

Lambie says officials are working through the approvals process with the Ministry of Health and hopes to move in to the new facility in the spring.