OPP officer administers Naloxone, saves Barrie man

A Barrie man who almost died of a fentanyl overdose was saved by an OPP officer who was doing a routine check.

The officer was patrolling the parking lot at the ONroute off Highway 400 in Barrie on July 28, when she had cause to check a suspicious vehicle.

The licence plate check showed the owner of the vehicle, Cindy Bourgeon, 33, of Kitchener, had a warrant out for her arrest. The officer noticed that the man beside her, Nathan Marshal, 38, of Barrie was unresponsive.

Officers who assisted at the scene suspected a drug overdose from the opioid Fentanyl and gave the man a shot of Naloxone, a medication used to block the effects of opioids that has saved lives.

But the man only briefly revived, began to slur and then fell unconscious again. Police gave him a second dose while waiting for ambulance but Marshal still did not recover. He was taken to the Barrie hospital where he was given two further doses of the drug before he recovered.

A search of the vehicle turned up several hunting knives, a hatchet, a flick knife, a pellet gun, break and enter tools, digital scales and packets of cocaine hidden inside two false batteries.

Marshal and Bourgeon are charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of dangerous weapons.

Robber accidentally stabs himself

In the midst of a home invasion, a Barrie man accidentally stabbed himself, causing a serious injury to his hand.  

Brandon Bennet, who was charged with armed robbery and possession of a weapon, appeared in court Aug. 15.

Court heard the man was at a party in Barrie and left. Later he and his friends returned to the basement apartment, pushed the door open and ordered the victim to sit in a chair, where he was smacked in the head with a baseball cap several times. Various items were stolen including a laptop, cigarettes and beer from the refrigerator.

In the process, Bennet reportedly swung his knife and accidentally cut himself on the hand. He ordered the victim to help tend his hand then ordered him to drive him to the Barrie Public Library.

He exited the vehicle and a night security officer noticed his hand bleeding and called police. Police took him to RVH where he was treated, then arrested for armed robbery. He was released on bail but reportedly failed to abide by his 11 p.m. curfew and found himself back in jail Wednesday, Aug. 15 for breaching his bail conditions.

Attempted murder

A Barrie man charged with attempted murder is now on trial in Barrie court.

Dean Richer-Lebreton, 43, is on trial for stabbing a 26-year-old man who was rushed to hospital where he had two surgeries.

The trial is set for one week before a jury.


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