Rob Sampson — Blue Mountains councillor

I am currently part owner and the managing director of Ceres BioSystems India Private Limited, a Canadian company investing in and operating facilities in India that convert organic waste material into a valuable fertilizer using a Canadian technology.

From June 1995 to September 2003 I was an elected member of the legislative assembly of Ontario and was a member of the Government of Ontario cabinet. I also served as the government caucus chair.

Prior to entering politics, I worked in commercial and corporate banking positions.

I have an MBA and a BA economics both from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

I have decided to run for the position of councillor for The Blue Mountains because my community needs help and I believe that I have the skills to fill that need. The Blue Mountains is a rapidly growing and developing mix of agriculture, recreational/tourist and residential communities, with an overall “small town feel.” However, friction is developing between those communities and a fractured council during the last term has not manage that friction well. Council has also been distracted by issues that are not the voters’ main concern. New leadership is required on The Blue Mountains council.

Growth has brought a strong tax base to The Blue Mountains, but it has put pressure on the town’s infrastructure — roads, attainable housing, and transportation to name a few. Our current relationship with the County of Grey is outdated and no longer reflects our local service needs or our considerable share of the Grey County tax base. This needs to change in order for us to be able to fund the local infrastructure cost demands of the future.

If elected, I will work as a team player on the new council and will focus on the issues that are of critical importance to the town taxpayers. I will also work with the newly elected council to provide the leadership to the town staff that has been lacking.


Twitter: @RobSampson4TBM



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